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Guided Walks and Hikes

There are endless opportunities for these activities with the Morven / Scaraben range being very close to Craiglea.

Further west are the renowned and impressive peaks of Ben Loyal and Ben Hope beyond which lie the challenging mountain ranges from Capre Wrath to Laxford Bridge including the renowned Foinaven and Ben Arkle.


Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours

It has been said that the Highland Council takes its responsibility to visitors very seriously.

Through its comprehensive and very efficient Countryside Ranger Service and in conjunction with the Forestry Commission, Royal Society for Protection of Birds, and Scottish Heritages it organises an enormous programme of guided walks and events from May to October.

The aim is to raise awareness and encourage greater appreciation of the unique blend of beautiful scenery and wonderful variety of wildlife in Caithness and Sutherland and it certainly achieves that.

These events are too numerous to list but every week throughout this period (May to Oct) several such events will be on offer.

Along the coastline just off Latheronwheel may frequently be seen some very spectacular forms of wildlife such as Blue and Minkie whales, dolphins and porpoises, Grey and Common Seals and on occasion a pod of the dreaded Orcaor Killer Whale may be seen hunting seals right in at the shoreline.

Even exotic species from much warmer climes are spotted occasionally such as the remarkable Sunfish.


Orkney Island Trips

Day trips to Orkney via ferry service.

Orkney is a group of islands situated a few miles off the north-east tip of mainland Scotland. With its green fields and hills, stone pinnacles rising out of the sea, rugged cliffs and sand beaches a visit to the Orkneys' is a definite must.

Fishing in the Orkney lochs, bird watching and diving around the wrecks are popular Orkney activities.

The Orkney's main attraction for visitors is its ancient history. From the Stone Age to the Picts and Vikings, the islands have many sites of archaeological interest. Orkney has no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.