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On the Edge


The North Highlands provide a vast range of options for the keen angler.

Readily available from Craiglea are 5 major salmon rivers and 7 smaller spate rivers. Among the surrounding wilderness of moorland and hills lie hundreds of secluded lochs containing the finest selection of wild brown trout and sea trout waters in the UK. 

The Caithness coast also provides the best sea angling in Britain. Guests may choose a large party charter boat, a smaller 4 person boat or fish from the shore. The British Record Porbeagle Shark came from these waters and this unique sport is also available nearby. 

Main Species: cod, pollack, ling, bass, conger, plaice, dab, mackerel, wrasse, halibut, turbot.
Truly a paradise for lovers of wild places and wild fish.



Below are a variety of shooting options available to guests of Craiglea with prior arrangement:

  • Driven gameshooting - pheasant, partridge, woodcock. (Oct-Jan)
  • Rough shooting - pheasant, partridge, woodcock, snipe, rabbit, hare. (Oct-Jan)
  • Rabbit shooting - ferreting, walked up with shotgun or stalking with .22 rifle. (No close season) 
  • Goose shooting               
  • Duck flighting (dawn and evenings)
  • Fox shooting - driven or spotlighting from vehicle. (No close season)      
  • Grouse shooting - over pointers or walk-up. Aug-Oct (driven grouse available within 2 hour drive)
  • Clay pigeon shooting (available all year round)  
  • Deerstalking:

    Red deer stags - Aug-Oct
    Red deer hinds - Oct-Feb
    Roe deer bucks - Apr-Oct
    Roe deer does - Oct-Feb


Surfing and Windsurfing

World class surfing is available at Brims ness, Thurso Bay and Dunnet Bay (recently Thurso hosted the World Surfing Championships).

Windsurfing also takes place at these venues (opportunities exist for visitors to experience and have tuition in both of these exciting forms).



Dinghy sailing may be participated in at certain places around the coast and on freshwater at Loch Watten.


Horse Riding

Horse Riding events at Lyth, Latheron and Achalone and endless forest and moorland bridleways for interesting hacks and treks.


Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes are available for hire and the network of forest roads and hill tracks provide huge opportunities for exploration.